Planning your veg plot and growing tasty food is just about to get MUCH easier – with the UK launch of Fryd, the community-centric gardening app

  • Easy-to-use innovative app helps you plan a bespoke veg plot, choose the best veg and companion crops for your climate and location
  • Already most popular gardening app in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with nearly 200,000 registered users and over 100,000 planting plans created covering 300,000 garden beds
  • Get inspiration from planting plans from leading UK gardeners – including no dig’s Charles Dowding, urban gardener Alessandro Vitale (@_Spicy Moustache_), Amy Chapman (@inthecottagegarden), Tanya Anderson(@lovely.greens) and Becky Searle (@sow_much_more)
  • Ideal for large or small plots, urban, allotment, back garden, or balcony
  • Gives access to a crowd-sourced online plant library and eco growing advice from an in-built community
  • Fryd is ‘steward-owned’, purpose-driven business using advanced technology and crowdsourcing to make growing your own food easier and more enjoyable


Choosing what crops to grow, when to plant them and where in your veggie bed, is now easier thanks to a new app that uses the latest technology to help gardeners plan, sow, grow and harvest their plots.

Fryd, which means joy in Danish and Norwegian, was originally launched in 2019, is already the most popular gardening app in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is now launching in the UK.

It features a bed planning tool, so users can create their own planting plan templates in just a few clicks. You can research what you want to grow via a unique, crowd-generated plant database, get advice and prompts on best sowing times for crops plus what companion plants to grow alongside – and even those to avoid.

The aim of Fryd is to make gardening accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their space or experience, and to take the guesswork out of veg growing. By joining the Fryd community of currently 200,000 fellow growers, you can connect, share experiences and enjoy learning from each other.

Fryd is now available to download in the UK on both iOS and Android platforms. You can choose to join for free, or for more enhanced features you can subscribe, or take out a lifetime membership.


Charles Dowding, Becky Searle (credit Paula Fearnly), Alessandro Vitale, Amy Chapman and Tanya Anderson

Fryd’s UK launch is being supported by a well-known crop of talented garden influencers who will all be sharing their own planting plans on the app:

  • Charles Dowding:I like Fryd because it aligns well with my approach of minimal cultivation and rapid succession planting. It has the capacity to create plans for plots of any size, to grow vegetables through a whole year, and it’s an app that fits with no dig methods.
  • Becky Searle (@sow_much_more): “The Fryd app is like having a personal gardening adviser in your pocket. It helps you plan and keep track of your garden, and gives you seasonal growing advice and inspiration.”
  • Alessandro Vitale (@_SpicyMoustache_):I’ve been transforming a little 40-square-metre plot in London into a lush urban oasis while navigating the challenging world of gardening. At first, the torrent of advice from various online sources felt overwhelming like trying to sip water from a firehose. I switched from one gardening app to another, each providing only a portion of the knowledge I desired. Then, Fryd joined the scene, a digital companion that promises to transform your gardening journey from a battle against the elements into a harmonious dialogue with nature. Changing everything with its vast compilation of plant knowledge, timely sowing schedules, and innovative treatments for those ever-lurking pests and diseases. I suddenly had all of the answers I needed in my pocket.”
  • Amy Chapman (@inthecottagegarden):I love using Fryd to plan my garden! I have tried other gardening apps in the past but none of them had the functionality Fryd does. I particularly love the community section as I get to see what everyone is up to in the garden each week, and you can even ask questions on there and the community will help answer them!”
  • Tanya Anderson (@lovely.greens): “The Fryd app is an all-in-one resource for GYO enthusiasts. You can connect with others, ask questions, and get regular reminders for seeds to sow and key gardening tasks. You can create a digital garden bed that’s the exact match of your real veg bed and add crops over the duration of a year, even including succession sowing.  And you can then share it with others, and as gardeners I think that’s going to really resonate.”

Innovative plant database and customised planting plans – Fryd’s plant database is created and refined by its user community. Plants are registered by users and verified by moderators, ensuring accurate and reliable information. Users can publish and share their own planting plans, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment.

Tailored gardening experience for different climate zones – Fryd understands the complexities of different climate zones, tailoring the gardening experience to individual growing conditions. This feature ensures that gardeners receive personalised advice and suggestions, enhancing the success of their gardening endeavours.

Empowering urban and small-space gardeners – Fryd is particularly empowering for urban gardeners, providing solutions to transform even the smallest spaces into lush, green areas. The app promotes the idea that every garden is beautiful, encouraging gardeners to utilise whatever space they have.

A purpose-driven gardening companion – At its core, Fryd is a mission-driven platform, dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices. The app’s purpose is rooted in empowering individuals to positively impact their environment, championing sustainability in every aspect of gardening.

Fryd is so much more than just an app; we’re a movement towards a greener future,” says Florian, Founder of Fryd. “Our mission is to empower everyone to grow their own vegetables as gardening leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle, fosters sustainable consumption habits, and deepens appreciation for nature and food. We want to redefine gardening for a new generation as a vibrant social experience and one that is accessible to all.”

Joining the Fryd community is free or subscribe to Super Fryd (£9 p/month, £35 p/year or £130 lifetime subscription) which boasts lots of enhanced features. Garden planning, season overview, access to the library, recipes, podcasts and the Fryd community are all available free of charge for users. A Super Fryd subscription gives users access to a magic wand tool that creates a planting plan in seconds, multiple plans per account, the ability to copy and modify planting plan templates, succession planting suggestions, automatic reminders, and personal support, with crop rotation planning tools coming soon.

For more information about Fryd and its mission, visit or follow on @fryd_app.


Press Contact: Emma Mason, 07762 117433

Florian Haßler Co-Founder Fryd GmbH +49 174 33 29 352