Ditch the plastic and go blooming retro says celebrity florist Jonathan Moseley

Celebrity florist Jonathan Moseley to champion eco floristry tips at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

With growing concerns about single-use plastics, celebrity florist Jonathan Moseley will be showcasing his top floristry eco hacks at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show next week (13-15 September), ditching the floral foam, and embracing natural and retro alternatives.

He will champion how to prune out single-use plastic foam. This moisture-retentive, lightweight ‘anchor’ for flowers has been the go-to floristry staple since it was invented in the 1950s but as it is non-biodegradable, eco-conscious arrangers are now seeking alternatives.

Jonathan will encourage show visitors to embrace sustainable substitutes for arranging that can still add a ‘wow’ to both simple and more ambitious flower displays but are easier on the environment.

Many of the techniques the renowned floral designer and founder of #flowertalk will be using hark back generations and will include:

  • Twigs and branches- made into a biodegradable ‘nest’ to give blooms gentle support
  • Damp sand – placed at the bottom of a vase to anchor stems
  • Chicken wire – formed into a ball to fit inside a container
  • Woven wool or raffia frames – make-your-own or buy these cobweb-like frames that give great support for arrangements
  • Upcycled vintage charity shop finds with glass flower roses, pinholders and 1920s-style flower rings.

Jonathan said: ” You can still achieve a huge variety of different styles and compositions by adopting alternative, reusable methods of arranging your flowers. The current trend for arranging flowers is to allow them to evoke their natural charm and simplicity by working in harmony with nature, as opposed to trying to tame or control it.”

As an ambassador for British flowers, and with the onset of Autumn, Jonathan will be encouraging the use of locally-sourced seasonal foliage and berries plus time-honoured favourites such as dahlia, gladioli, chrysanthemums and roses, all of which will be on display by the specialist societies at Harrogate.

Jonathan Moseley will be leading two floristry workshops a day at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show at 11am and 3pm. More details on www.jonathan-moseley.com.


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Notes for Editors:

Jonathan Moseley is one of the country’s most respected horticulturalists, with a reputation for being at the cutting edge of floristry. His passion for gardening and flowers bloomed when he was just eight. His earliest memories are sowing and growing flowers with his grandfather and visiting the local flower shows together. By 11, he had his own greenhouse, supplying plants to family and friends – and even the local village shop. At 13, he was making his own mark at horticultural shows, winning a bevy of trophies for his floral finesse.

It is this life-long devotion to nurturing the perfect specimen that has seen him become a key figure in the British floristry industry. After university, Jonathan began running a highly successful chain of flower shops, dividing his time between the businesses and demonstrating and teaching.

Today, he continues to offer tuition to packed audiences across the UK and Europe with an extensive corporate and private client list, including the Royal Horticultural Society. Event flowers are his speciality and, constantly embracing the latest trends and techniques, he is able to create magical and unique displays. Renowned for his humour, charisma and great stage presence, he became Floral Expert on BBC TV’s ‘Big Allotment Challenge’ in 2014.

With 25 years in the floristry industry under his belt, it is his Derbyshire garden that allows him to stay down to earth – and it remains his central inspiration. Here, hands-on growing and a treasure trove of foliage and flowers continue to enhance many of his distinctive floral creations. “I remain fascinated by being able to sow an absolutely tiny little seed and know that, with a bit of care and nurture, it can manifest itself into this amazing colourful plant,” he says.