Dalefoot Composts

The peat free compost products made by Dalefoot Composts are ewe-nique. Sustainable composts made from sheep’s wool and bracken produced on a family farm in the stunning Lake District. Packed with natural nutrients they feed plants right through the season and as the wool retains moisture, you can water up to 50% less. Genius!

Simon and Jane, who run the company, also help restore the UK’s protected peat bogs. Their environmental work, coupled with their compost making, gives the pair a unique 360° view of the peat (free) gardening debate and the importance of these precious landscapes.

Media and social

Emma Mason PR has been working with their team since 2007, telling the gardening, home and national media how good their compost products are and assisting them at garden and trade shows.

When the Dalefoot gang are busy making compost, saving peat bogs and farming sheep, we also help run the company’s social media channels. Follow them for news on their sustainable products, updates on peat free gardening and their work restoring peat bogs.

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