Classic looks, hand-crafted and made in the UK – 2023 garden range from Arthur Jack & Co

Arthur Jack & Co has expanded its hand-crafted garden range for 2023 with a stunning self-contained water feature and a classic window box designed to fit bay window side sills.

Like the rest of Arthur Jack’s luxury products, both are forged from galvanised steel by artisans in the UK, are made to last for years and are guaranteed to add a touch of classic style to your home or garden.

Clockwise, from top left – Water feature; small obelisk; small window box and small water butts

Water featurePerfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Arthur Jack’s water feature contains everything needed to add a beautiful and calming focal point. It is self-contained so no water supply is needed and is ideal on a paved terrace, in a conservatory, or garden room. Size – 82cm long x 48cm deep x 97cm at the highest point.  Weight – 45kg. Price £895 + delivery £80

Small window boxDesigned specially to fit the side bay window sills of traditional Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian houses, Arthur Jack’s new 15cm x 18cm x 45cm long window box will add real curb appeal.  Adjustable legs make the box level on a slanted window sill and aid drainage, and a drilled base prevents waterlogging.

This new addition to the range is a perfect companion to Arthur Jack’s longer window boxes [85cm or 110cm long] designed to fit the front sills of a traditional bay window. They can all be used as terrace or decking edging, or, with an optional U bolt, can be hung from railings. A bottom tray is also available for all window boxes to stop water discolouring the sill.  New small window box £125 + delivery £30.

Also from Arthur Jack

Obelisk range: ideal for vigorous climbing plants and a show-off feature for your garden, particularly in autumn and winter. Both obelisks feature steel lattice work so plant tendrils can grasp onto the structure, helping to avoid the need for tying in. Made of thick galvanised steel and decorated with Arthur Jack trademark coach bolts.

Small – standing 1.4m above ground, designed as a stand-alone or will fit snugly into an Arthur Jack large planter. Delivered fully assembled.

Weight 18kg, dimensions 142cm high (excluding legs of 30cm) x 45cm sq at base. Price: £545 + delivery

Large – at over 2m high, this makes a bold statement in its own right, even during winter without climbing plants. Arrives fully assembled in two sections that can be simply slotted together and tightened with a screwdriver.

Weight 25kg, dimensions 213cm high (excluding legs of 45cm) x 40cm sq at base. Price: £845 + delivery

Large round planter: perfect for topiary, roses, shrubs or small trees, this heavy-duty garden planter looks stunning next to your front door, on a terrace or in an herbaceous border. Decorated with Tudor roses and decorative balls. Made in 1.5mm galvanised steel, there are 6cm feet to keep the base clear and the bottom panel is drilled to allow free drainage. Steel top hoop with a hammered finish.

Weight 20 kg, dimensions 65cm x 50cm. Price £395 + delivery

Arthur Jack’s galvanised steel range includes hand-crafted window boxes, garden planters, trough, water butts, boot wash and scraper. More information, including full pricing and how to order, can be found at


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Notes for editors: Arthur Jack’s steel planters, water butts, window boxes, obelisks, water feature and boot scrapers are the result of a great deal of research by a couple of keen gardeners, who were unable to find exactly what they wanted for their own garden.

Made of heavy gauge galvanised steel, they are decorated in a traditional Georgian style complete with Tudor roses and decorative balls. The bottom panels on the garden planters are drilled to allow free drainage and there are feet in each corner to keep the base clear.

They are made in England by artisan metal craftsmen, and then finished with a special treatment to give them an aged patina. Their many uses in the garden are as containers for topiary box ball, roses, small shrubs, trees and flowers. Because they are hot dip galvanised they will have a long life.