Luxury British-grown orchid Christmas gifts delivered direct to loved ones or home

Treat someone special, or yourself, this Christmas with a gorgeous, British-grown orchid gift delivered direct to home. The country’s largest orchid grower, Love Orchids, has launched a luxurious Limited Edition Christmas range with affordable prices and free delivery.

Boasting plants grown in a family-owned, New Forest nursery, the stunning orchid gifts are ideal for sending to loved ones to remind them you are thinking of them – even if you can’t be with them in person this Christmas. Or why not treat yourself, with an orchid for your own home, to add some fabulous, festive flower-power to your living space.

The Love Orchids’ plant geeks have designed the selection of gorgeous gift arrangements with on-trend accessories, containers, pots and vases. All products are expertly hand-finished, and to make life easy, you can even select your nominated delivery day free of charge. To order, visit – orchid prices from £20 including free delivery.

Glam Orchid Planter with LEDs by Love Orchids

Products include:

Orchid planter with LED lights £30 + free deliverytwo Phalaenopsis orchids (30-50cm tall) in a Zinc planter with LED string lights. Batteries included.

Mini woodland-style orchid £28 + free delivery Phalaenopsis orchid (30-50cm tall) in a glass vase with decorative pine cones, birch twig, bark and moss.

Statement orchid £25 + free deliveryPhalaenopsis orchid (55-75cm tall) in either a luxury metallic or cream glazed ceramic planter with decorative birch twigs.

Glam Orchid with LED lights £28 + free delivery – Phalaenopsis orchid (55-75cm tall) in a metallic ceramic pot with LED string lights. Batteries included.

The Love Orchids standard range, available throughout the year, includes four mini orchids (£20 + free delivery), four large orchids, single stem (from £28 + free delivery) and a mini cascade orchid in a pink or white ceramic pot (£22 + free delivery).


For further information, high res images and samples contact: Emma Mason /

Love Orchids is run by family-owned Double H Nurseries. Established in 1961, it supplies over 4.5 million indoor plants to UK retailers including orchids, roses, poinsettias and chrysanthemums. It is the largest British grower of orchids. More information can be found on the Love Orchids website.

Orchid care tips: Phalaenopsis orchids – pronounced Fal-en-op-sis and commonly known as moth orchids – are the UK’s most popular indoor plant with millions sold every year. Here are Love Orchid’s top tips on keeping your plant blooming for weeks on end:

  • Water weekly & feed fortnightly (or so) – run your orchid under a tap or let it soak in the sink for a few minutes. Wall-watered roots have plump green roots, if they look silvery grey or shrivelled, pop the plant under the tap. Orchids don’t require feeding but use an orchid liquid fertiliser feed every 2-4 weeks and they will really thrive. Quick hack – add a few ice cubes to the surface of the bark instead of watering, avoiding the leaves.
  • Don’t let it shine – orchids love a bright window but they are not keen on direct sunlight. East or west-facing windows and bathrooms are best. They also don’t like sitting near fruit bowls as some fruit emits ethylene when ripening!
  • Keep ‘em flowering – after the flowers have dropped, move to a cooler location and whilst watering give the leaves a clean to improve growth. Only cut back the stem if it turns brown. It can take between 8-12 weeks for an orchid to re-flower.
  • Rooting them out – if you don’t like their look, you can cut off dry, shrivelled roots sticking out from the bark. If they are green and healthy, leave them alone – orchids are meant to have aerial roots.
  • Rarely re-pot – orchids only need re-potting every 4-5 years, or if the bark has begun to compost down, whichever comes first. Make sure you use specialist orchid bark and don’t worry about gaps as orchid roots love air just as much as they love water! Expect it to take a week or two for the plant to become stable and regain its foot hold.
  • Loving our homes – Orchids originate from warm tropical Asia, so our homes are perfect environments for them as they really thrive at temperatures between 17 and 26 degrees. If you water sparingly every week, keep them in a bright location away from direct heat, they should keep blooming for years.