‘No need to feed’, peat-free Wool Compost for Tomatoes launched by Dalefoot Composts

  • Sustainable peat-free compost made from sheep’s wool & bracken
  • Easy to use – feeds tomatoes naturally and organically, no extra feed needed and 50% less watering
  • Launched during British Tomato Fortnight 20 May – 3 June
  • Made on a family farm in the Lake District and developed with 2019 RHS Master Grower Pennard Plants
peat free Wool Compost for Tomatoes

New from Dalefoot Composts – Wool Compost for Tomatoes

During British Tomato Fortnight, a ‘no need to feed’ peat-free Wool Compost for Tomatoes has been launched by Dalefoot Composts – easy to use for novice gardeners, allotment fans and even master growers wanting organically grown, succulent and juicy tomatoes.

The super strength compost contains all the must-have nutrients needed to grow organic and aromatic tomatoes throughout the year without ‘any’ additional tomato feed. And like the rest of Dalefoot’s range, it has been approved by the Soil Association for organic growing.

Developed with tomato expert Terry Marshall (horticulturist, tomato grower and author of the book ‘Tomatoes’), and Pennard Plants UK, (heirloom seed producers and RHS Master Grower 2019), this premium compost has grown show bench tomato plants for RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Wool Compost for Tomatoes is packed with the perfect blend of natural ingredients; bracken from the Cumbrian fells blended with sheep’s wool for sufficient moisture retention reducing the risk of blossom end rot. The bag can be used as a grow-bag or the compost can be used in pots, raised beds and pannier planting.

Simon Bland of Dalefoot Composts said: “Our new Wool Compost for Tomatoes is bursting with all-natural nutrients which are perfect for growing the tastiest organic tomatoes. You don’t need to add any extra feed and it is really simple to use – just pot up your plants, water them and watch them grow!”

Celebrating its 22nd year, Dalefoot Composts is a family-run, farm-based business producing an exciting range of peat-free composts using only the natural resources of wool and bracken sustainably sourced from the beautiful Lake District.

It offers premium composts to meet every gardening need – Wool Compost for Potting & Containers, Wool Compost for Vegetables & Salads, Wool Compost Double Strength, Wool Compost Ericaceous (and Double Strength), Bulb Compost and Wool Compost for Seeds. Lakeland Gold, the original bracken compost, is a renowned clay-buster and high potash feed.

Wool Compost for Tomatoes is available to order online now from www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk and from selected suppliers priced from £10.99 – £7.50 per bag depending on size of order. Delivery extra.


www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk 01931 713281


Growing benefits of Dalefoot Composts’ range include:

  • Natural water retention of wool fibres means up to 50% less watering.
  • Wool provides a steady, slow sustained supply of nitrogen.
  • High levels of natural potash from the bracken promotes flowering and fruiting, healthy growth and hearty crops – NO need for any additional plant food.
  • Made from 100% renewable resources with great environmental benefits.
  • The compost has a similar soft texture to peat and has a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements for good plant health.

The entrepreneurial couple behind Dalefoot, environmental scientist Jane Barker and farmer Simon Bland, started making compost from the natural ingredients around their Cumbrian farm in 1997. Inspired by early 20th century gardening books that mentioned wool as a garden mulch, and a desire to make good use of the invasive bracken growing on the fells, the couple invented their secret compost recipe, bagged the product up themselves and started selling at local farmers’ markets. Twenty years later the compost is sold across the UK and been shortlisted for RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year. The business employs up to 40 local people, and sources bracken and wool from local farmers.