Crushed: New 100% fruit snack for school kids


It’s the most asked question in any parent’s household; ‘Mum, I’m hungry, what can I eat?’.

Trying to find an instant healthy quick fix snack for children is a constant challenge for mums across the country. With school lunches, after school activities and in-between meal cravings, choosing a fast food healthy snack that kids want to eat is often like finding the Holy Grail.

Well now a brand new children’s fruit snack Crushed has the answer. Designed so parents can finally say ‘yes’ to a healthy, on the go snack, it has been specifically produced for the hard to please seven to 11 year old.

Made from 100% tasty, tantalising fruit, mums can be confident that Crushed is perfect for school lunch boxes and a great size for children on the go that will also keep them healthy.

Fruit puree pouches are already a big hit amongst French kids as an after school snack – you’ll find them in all French supermarkets – as mums there know pureed fruit is a quick and healthy way to give kids one of their ten a day (in France the recommended daily fruit and veg intake is ten not five or seven!).

Now available in the UK for British children, the new Crushed snack not only makes fruit more fun but also provides a low-calorie healthy, convenient choice for lunchboxes, post-school snacks and holiday travels. No mess or spoon needed and it’s an easy and enjoyable way for children to get one of their five a day when the fruit bowl just looks too sad!

Crushed is available in two delicious flavours that children will love: Apple & Banana and Apple & Strawberry. A multi pack box of 4 x 100g pouches has a shelf life of up to 12 months. Available in Waitrose stores throughout the UK, RRP £3.50. Also now available from Ocado and in WHSmith Travel stores at major airports and train stations – perfect for the holiday getaway!

Crushed contains no known allergens, no artificial colours or flavours and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


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Notes to Editors – Crushed is based upon the French snack staple, apple puree pouches. Up until now these easy-to-grab fruit pouches, aimed at older, school-age children as a light and nutritious snack that fills a gap until lunch or supper time, have only been sold across the Channel. The low-calorie pouches, also popular with adults, are ideal for travel and exercise as they are small, resealable and you don’t need a spoon.

The idea behind the brand came to UK mum Jenny Salmon, who owns two children’s nurseries in Cheshire, whilst on holiday – “standing in a supermarket in France surrounded by all sorts of healthy fruit based snacks, and just feeling so cross that back in the UK we didn’t have these same options available.  With all the issues we have to do with childhood obesity and the like, it felt crazy that no one was really giving us enough fun options for healthy snacking.  I’m sorry but I don’t know of many kids who will go for a hike and then gnaw on a carrot stick – we need something quick and healthy whilst we are running around.”

Convinced by the huge market potential in the UK, Jenny teamed up with old university friend Deborah, (a marketer with 25 years of experience under her belt) to launch the snacks. In the last 18 months, they’ve adapted the traditional French recipes for the British palate – using Jenny’s nurseries and after school clubs for invaluable research and product development – created a funky brand image and packaging, sorted logistics and manufacturing, and got a listing in 219 Waitrose stores. 85 WHSmith Travel stores will start stocking the product in June 2014 in major airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Manchester (perfect timing for the summer getaway) as well as in mainline and regional train stations. Recent news that your 5-a-day fruit and veg should be increased to 7-a-day makes Crushed even more of an exciting – and essential – product to stock.